About Us


Our History

In November 2020, Bektash came to life on a modest evening. Our mission from the outset was clear: to provide every patron with an experience they truly deserved. Whether it was the excellence of our cuisine, the safety standards we upheld, fair pricing, or the quality of service, we poured our hearts into every aspect.

Our customers embraced us wholeheartedly from their very first visit, an instant connection that seemed almost like destiny. We dedicated ourselves to giving our all, approaching each day as an opportunity to learn and refine. The commitment to continual enhancement was unmistakable, a commitment evident in every visit. The result? A significantly enhanced level of hospitality awaits every returning guest, a reason why over 60% choose to revisit.

Introducing a novel approach to an already-established cuisine was no easy feat. Despite the existing competition, our team passionately embraced and rallied behind the vision of revolutionizing the food industry. Every day brought its challenges, yet our unwavering belief in the concept propelled us forward. Pillars Quality We place paramount importance on the quality of our food, right down to the smallest detail like the onion in our salad. Every ingredient and supplier has been meticulously chosen to ensure the highest possible quality.

Pillars of our Business


We believe in the quality of the food is the most important, even if it's the onion in the salad. We handpicked every item and supplier for the best quality possible.


Exceptional customer service has consistently been the cornerstone of our operation. The firsthand experience awaits you with each visit to our establishment.


We strive to set our food prices in the most customer-friendly manner, never inflating costs for our gain. Our commitment remains steadfast in prioritizing our customers above all else.


We adhere strictly to the FSSAI's regulations, ensuring that every stage in our restaurant operation strictly follows the highest safety standards from farm to plate.

Vision For the Future

Presently, we operate three outlets in Kochi, with plans to expand further within the city to provide exceptional food and top-notch customer service to every resident.

Looking ahead, our vision extends beyond Kochi. We aim to establish additional outlets across Kerala, then expand to major cities across India. Our ambitions reach global scales, envisioning outlets worldwide—perhaps even on Mars! 🚀

Licenses We Possess

All the essential licenses, including those for food safety and government regulations, enabling us to operate our business lawfully.


We've received nominations for multiple awards, and we're confident that we'll secure some wins for our community in due time.